International Visitor in Brazil

Claro performs over 2000 cities in Brasil nationwide, including the most important tourist and business cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, Salvador, Recife, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and many other cities. Using our GSM coverage you are able to speak in all the states of Brazil with Claro's 100% digital roaming services for voice and data.

Claro's International Customer Service number

0800 036 0707

Which states are covered by Claro’s roaming services?

Choosing Claro you will be choosing the best Roaming Services in Brazil.

States with coverage 2G and 3G

State   Capital City Code
Acre AC Rio Branco 68
Alagoas AL Maceió 82
Amapá AP Macapá 96
Amazonas AM Manaus 92
Bahia BA Salvador 71
Ceará CE Fortaleza 88
Distrito Federal DF Brasília 61
Espírito Santo ES Vitória 27
Goiás GO Goiânia 62
Maranhão M São Luís 98
Mato Grosso MT Cuiabá 65
Mato Grosso do Sul MS Campo Grande 84
Minas Gerais MG Belo Horizonte 31
Pará PA Belém 91
State   Capital City Code
Paraíba PB João Pessoa 83
Paraná PR Curitiba 41
Pernambuco PE Recife 81
Piauí PI Teresina 86
Rio de Janeiro RJ Rio de Janeiro 21
Rio Grande do Norte RN Natal 84
Rio Grande do Sul RS Porto Alegre 51
Rondônia RO Porto Velho 69
Roraima RR Boa Vista 95
Santa Catarina SC Florianópolis 48
São Paulo SP São Paulo 11
Sergipe SE Aracajú 79
Tocantins TO Palmas 63

4GMax Network

See the map of the course 4GMax network available in many cities in Brazil. Click in states with pins marking the 4GMax, to check with the network signal.


1062 cidades com 4GMax

1062 cities with 4GMax

1062 ciudades con 4GMax

Mapa Brasil

States with cities that already have 4GMax

Cities that already have 4GMax
See the quality of coverage of the 4GMax Network in your city

Using Claro’s Roaming Services

In order to use your mobile phone in Brazil, you must have a 2G compatible device to 900 Mhz /1800 Mhz or a 3G 850 and 2100 Mhz and 4G 2500 Mhz compatible which are the frequencies used in the Brazilian network. It is important that your home operator works in association to Claro's roaming services.


Connection procedures may vary depending on your mobile device.

* The network name "CLARO" presented above may also be displayed as the following network codes: 724 05, BRA CL, BRA 0

Which services can I use?

  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forward
  • Multi Party
  • SMS
  • Data (GPRS/EDGE)


*depending on GPRS Roaming agreement between your home operator with Claro.

How to make phone calls in Brazil?

  • Local calls (to the same city)

  • telephone number
  • Long distance calls in Brazil (between differents cities)

  • +
  • city code
  • telephone number


  • 0
  • 21 national voice carrier code
  • city code
  • telephone number
  • International calls

  • +
  • country code
  • city code
  • telephone number


  • 00
  • 21international voice carrier code
  • country code
  • city code
  • telephone number





Fire Department




For more information about roaming services and rates in Brazil, contact your local operator.

List of countries and corresponding access codes

Tourist Police: Rio de Janeiro: (21) 2332-2924 (24h) / Belo Horizonte: 156 (within the city) / Brasília: (61) 3325-6726 / 3325-5214 / Recife: (81) 3326-9603 / 3322-4867 / Fortaleza: (88) 3101-2488 / Salvador: (71) 3116-6817.

How to buy a prepaid GSM card to use in Brazil: look for any Claro store and show your passport. You can buy a prepaid card with credits to use voice and data in Claro´s network. Your GSM handset must be previously unblocked in order to use our services.

Anatel (National Agency of Communications): 1332 (free call)